Benefits, Expectations, and Goals for Clan Wingnaprayer Team  clan icon

The clan management team defined some clan expectations for our Golf Clash (GC) clan:

Benefits of a Master 3 Clan

In addition to clan chat and helpful advice, clan benefits include extra gems per chest, an extra trophy, and 5 golf bags. View the image below and/or this YouTube video.
clan benefits

If you are an active player, you can join our clan after you reach the minimum rank of Professional 3:

  1. Tap the clan button in the lower-right corner: clan button
  2. A selection of possible clans to join appears. You can either tap one of the clans and join it, or choose Advanced Search
  3. You can search a clan by its name, location, and other search criteria.
  4. Tap one of the clan names to join it.

Our clan has a private Facebook group named Clan Wingnaprayer that contains recent announcements and links to tournament guides, elevation info, and other information. To join this Facebook group, clan members need to log into their Facebook account, access the group page Clan Wingnaprayer, and tap the Join Group button. Approval by one of the group admins or moderators occurs within a few hours.

We also have a Messenger group named Clan Wingnaprayer for more social chat.

Clan Policies on Clan Promotion and Membership (Details)

Each Golf Clash clan season is 4 weeks long. If you contribute 200 clan points in a season as a Member, you will soon be promoted to Vice-Captain. If you come close to 200 points and contribute in clan chat and recruiting, you may be given an extra week.

To view the clan members as well as their recent tournament results and clan points:

Any Vice-Captain or Captain should play Golf Clash almost daily, a few times a week, and/or play tournaments. If we have openings, they should invite golfers that are reasonably good golfers to join our clan. We usually invite only golfers not already in a clan (the clan name appears below the user name) during 1vs1 matches. But near the end or start of the 4-week clan season, you can invite golfers from other clans who play well. The best clan candidates have substantial clan points from this or last season (if in a clan) and their clan is at a lower level than clan Wingnaprayer's Master 3 rank. To do this:

Anyone can ask questions or share shots/advice using in-app clan chat. We have some excellent golfers who love to share their knowledge. We also have some funny discussions!

The criteria for promotion to Captain are:

At the end of season, the clan managers can occasionally consider promoting Vice Captains who are very close to 750 clan points in a season that often: invite golfers to join our clan, is often a tournament Finalist, and/or uses clan chat or Messenger to share information.

The clan management team can delay or prevent a promotion because of one's lack of age or maturity.

If a Vice-Captain does not win at least 25 clan points in a season, they can be demoted one level.

If a Captain does not win some clan points in 7 days and at least 25 clan points in 14 days, they can be demoted one level. A Captain is expected to have at least 250-500 clan points each season. Captains must set a good example for other clan mates.

If a Captain does not win at least 25 clan points in the first or last two weeks, they will be demoted one level to Vice Captain. A Captain must set a good example for other clan mates.

Clan mates can be removed (kicked) from the clan if:

NOTE: If work, family, or health temporarily prevents you from playing Golf Clash, please type something in clan chat or send a clan message in advance to let one of the clan management team know. Also, if you need to take a week or two off for vacation, please contact a clan manager in advance or use clan chat.

If you are considering leaving our clan, you must let the clan managers know in advance using clan chat, clan message, or Facebook. Please do not leave our clan before the end of the season. Wait until the season ends. Those who leave without advance notice or before the end of season are not allowed to rejoin the clan.

If you leave our clan as a Vice Captain or Captain and later rejoin, you will be promoted back to the rank of Vice Captain. You will need to earn the rank of Captain like others.

Our clan mates will not spam their opponents with multiple offensive in-game chat messages before the opponent's shot. Wishing them good luck is fine. Adding multiple chat messages after a shot or game is fine.

The President and management team Captains have certain roles.

NOTE: Only members of the management team should ever promote, demote, or remove/kick a player from our clan and only after required discussion with clan managers.

You can contact Mike (clan President) by sending a Reddit message to u/mikee-nh or a Facebook message to Mike Enh.

For more details about running any Golf Clash clan, read this clan document.

Policies on Clan Chat

While we try to minimize clan chat to GC-related topics, we do not want to eliminate good communication! It is also important/healthy for clan mates to get to know each other. Mike contacted the GCCommunityTeam support team about issues with small chat size and lack of language translation, but any GC development changes will take time. Be aware that sending invites to join our clan counts as a clan message.

Other chat options like our Facebook Messenger group or using Discord are available. Clan members can join our Messenger group named Clan Wingnaprayer.

The Main Clan Web Page, Abbreviations, and Clan History

The main clan web page contains tips, advice, links to guides and videos, and descriptions. Open it at:

Some Golf Clash Abbreviations

Many Golf Clash (GC) golfers use abbreviations or acronyms, especially in clan chat, such as:

Thanks to chat's autocorrect, we have some terms that appeared and became part of our clan language (aka Ted-isms):

Clan History

Each Golf Clash clan season is 4 weeks long. Our recent history:

The Origin of the Term Wingnaprayer

Wingnaprayer is an abbreviation of "Wing And a Prayer" first used during World War 2. This is explained here:

engine from WW II

Revision history: Last revised by Mike E. September 2023.