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This page provides helpful links and content gathered from social media as well as tips from clan members accumulated in clan chat over the last years about Golf Clash. Clan Wingnaprayer members can use in-app clan chat to request help, ask questions, give advice, and show certain shots. They can also join our clan Facebook group named Clan Wingnaprayer.

NOTE: If you have joined or are interested in joining clan Wingnaprayer, please read this clan expectations web page.

General Suggestions

Golf Clash chooses your opponents based on the opponent with the closest trophy count to your recent highest trophy count. So, you may end up playing opponents of different ranks. Your opponent may or may not have a profile picture (enabled using Facebook). Below the profile picture, the top banner shows the golfer's trophy count and their rank, such as green for Rookie, blue for Professional, and gold for Expert.

Below the top banner, a player’s profile will show banners if they were a qualifier or finalist for a tournament. The banner color indicates the tourney rank type, such as Green for Rookie or blue for Pro.

The native platforms for Golf Clash are mobile devices that use Android OS and Apple iOS. You should install the Golf Clash app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store, just like you download and install other apps. Golf Clash no longer supports a web interface, but Windows PC users can try the Bluestacks 5 software that emulates a Android device - see the Facebook group BlueStacks for Golf Clash.

This web page provides these major sections:


Which Clubs Should I Use this Week?

In the lower-left, tap the golf bag golf bag button.

To compare the characteristics of a different club to your selected club using the Golf Clash user interface, view this short PDF guide. Keep reading this page for guidance about clubs.

Upgrading Clubs - Four Phases

The chests you unlock have various cards for different clubs. There are several types of free chests and some prize chests - all contain club cards. The most common are the Common cards (blue outline), some Rare cards (yellow outline), and sometimes an Epic card (purple outline). When you first start, you should not spend coins on club cards, but do spend coins to upgrade certain clubs.

There are four phases of managing your clubs:

  1. When you first start, you will get club cards for many clubs and you should upgrade certain Common clubs (blue outline around their box). You may get cards for and consider upgrading a few Rare clubs such as the Extra Mile driver. Only spend coins to upgrade certain clubs. We suggest that you save your coins and not buy club cards at this phase. You will need them to purchase certain club upgrades.
  2. You will upgrade certain clubs and discover you need to upgrade similar clubs in the same category. Just because you unlocked a great club at level 1 does not mean it is your best club in that category - you should continuing to upgrade Common or Rare clubs. Spending a limited number of coins to get club cards may make sense at this point. In addition to Common cards, begin to upgrade more Rare cards and maybe a Epic card.
  3. When you start to upgrade one or more Common clubs to their highest level 10, you will soon start to have club card points to trade-in for other clubs using the Prism. You should upgrade other Common clubs that are close to the maximum level, which is 10. But still continue upgrade certain Common, Rare, and Epic clubs. The maximum level for Common clubs is 10, for Rare clubs it is 9, and for Epic clubs it is 8. Use this PDF document to help you learn to trade-in clubs, or this guide on factors to consider.
  4. After you maximize most or all of your Common and Rare clubs, choose Epic clubs when they appear in the Prism. Some Epic clubs are not worth upgrading right away, so if you have a choice in the Prism, choose the more valuable ones like Apocolypse, Thors Hammer, Cataclysm (and/or Hammerhead), Off Roader, Spitfire, and eventually Endbringer. Also, about monthly, should also upgrade the lowest Epics. For example, choose the lowest Epic in the prism if you do not see the better Epic clubs. When you have a mixture of Epic 6 and 7 clubs, check which epic clubs have the fewest cards and start to upgrade those. The reason for upgrading the lowest Epics is that once you maximize most or all Epics, you get to choose golf balls in the Prism.

Which Clubs Should I Upgrade?

In general, only upgrade the clubs you will keep for a while. To upgrade, you need to spend some coins, so be thrifty!

Move off Beginner clubs quickly!

This summary on club selection is for Rookies/Professionals/Expert 1-2. Clubs get unlocked when opening various chests. Many clubs are only unlocked at certain tour levels and above, such as Tour 3 or 6. These are the clubs you should consider upgrading:

There are many guides about club characteristics:

If you use multiple bags, choose the bag you will use for each hole before you shoot your first shot, To use multiple golf bags, here is a Reddit guide: Quick Guide to Multiple Golf Bags.

Effective Methods for Using Wedges, Sand Wedges, and Rough Irons

This video explains a method to effectively use Endbringer (or Rapier) wedges: Endbringer school. For example, on a smooth green, this method minimizes flight time (and more roll) by aiming the landing spot farther from the pin. This minimizes the effect of the wind and non-perfect shots.

This video explains effective use of Sand wedges and rough irons: The Rough Iron and Sand Wedge Method .

Choosing Golf Balls

Which Ball should I Use?

General suggestions for ball selection: In the lower-left, tap the golf bag golf bag button and then tap the Balls tab in the upper-right. You can view the characteristics of balls, your count of each, and change the selected ball.

As you progress into higher tours, use the more advanced balls.

When in doubt or for most Par 3 holes, use a Marlin (25 gems for 9 balls). It has level 1 wind resistance and level 1 sidespin. For longer Par 4 and 5 holes, choosing a ball with power can help. You will get some free balls in chests, so use them when needed on longer holes. You might use the Navigator (60 gems per 9 balls): wind resistance 2, power I, and sidespin 1. If you need more sidespin 2 (and wind I), choose the Quasar for the same cost.

Remember you can curl your shot as well as apply sidespin!

The characteristics of the standard golf balls are:

  Ball Name    Wind Resistance     Side Spin     Power 
Basic   0   0   0
Marlin   1   1   0
Navigator   2   1   1
Quasar   1   2   1
Titan   2   2   3
Katana   2   3   2
Kingmaker   3   3   3

For more details about choosing balls, see Mang's guide to ball stats on Reddit.

Gem and Coin Management

General suggestion about coin management: on tours below tour 7, do not spend more than 10% iof your coins at any one time. That is, do not spend more than 1/10th of your coins. On higher tours, do not spend more than 5% of your coins at one time. Many players do not spend more than 2.5% of their coins on higher tours.

You pay money to buy gems, and you can use gems to buy coins. You need coins to upgrade the level of your clubs. Do not pay money to buy gems unless it is part of a special bundle deal where you also get coins or balls for free. Avoid spending your gems whenever possible! But you may need to use gems to buy golf balls or once in a while buy a chest.

For more guidance, view these guides: Gem/coin management guides on Reddit

Handling Long Holes and Moving to Higher Tours

On Long Holes (Par 4 and 5), Why is My Drive the Most Important Shot?

All aspects of the game are important, but on long holes your first (driver) shot is usually critical. It is important to stay on the fairway on your first shot. If you end up in the rough or sand trap (bunker), your next shot will be limited in distance. If you hit the drive into the water or out-of-bounds, you lose one shot.

So be careful with your first shot! If you take risks that land your ball in the rough, bunker, or water, your opponent will likely reach the green before you do and win the hole. On long holes, you might choose a golf ball with extra power.

When Should I Try a Higher Tour?

You should pace yourself and let your clubs mature before trying higher tours. This guide is very helpful: Am I ready for Tour X?

Before you start playing on Tour 3 and above, begin to learn about the ring system as defined by your landing zone (explained below).

Also remember to manage your level of coins and gems, so you do not go bankrupt!.

You should learn the elevation of holes on the tours you will play.

Wind and Elevation: Learning the Landing Ring System

Before you start playing on Tour 4 and above, start to learn about the ring system that is part of your landing zone.

On the left of the screen when you shoot is Wind direction and the Wind speed. These factors do not influence your ball's landing zone (circles) nor your ball's guide line. With windy conditions and elevation changes, you should adjust the landing zone, and consider adjusting how hard you shoot, sidespin or curl. Holes beginning with Tour 3 have wind and/or elevation changes. A downhill shot with a negative elevation percentage (%) will increase how much the wind influences your shot, because the ball is in the air longer.

The accuracy of the club and the distance of the shot determines how large each ring in the landing zone is. For example, a club with 50% accuracy will have larger rings than a club with 95% accuracy, so you need to adjust the landing zone differently.

You should know the accuracy of each of your clubs. In addition, create a printout of your clubs and rings from the too (explained below) or use interactive tools.

To learn about the landing ring system to offset wind and how to use it, view guides on YouTube:

Figuring out the elevation is important, especially for long shots. Elevation influences how long the ball is in the air. For example, for a downhill shot, you need to add more distance to the ring adjustment for the landing spot. This is called an adjustment. You can try to guess elevation based on your view of the hole or consult sources such as:

Tools you can use interactively to calculate the rings to adjust the landing spot include:

To create an exact printout of the wind characteristics of your clubs, see the: Golf Clash Tommy wind tool or the tool

NOTE: The landing zone rings and the ball guide line viewed on your Golf Clash device do not show the effect of wind and elevation changes.

After you adjust your landing position, you should also adjust for the Secondary Wind Effect. Using one or more of these methods:

For more information about countering secondary wind effects, see this guide by Zach Jones: Learning about Secondary Wind Effects.

Tournament Tips

You pay a 10k coins entrance fee to play in a Rookie division full tournament. 100k is needed for a Pro full tournament. A 9-hole tournament is about half that amount.

Each tournament has practice holes available a few days before the tournament starts. Tap the Practice tab to start playing practice holes. Choose which division you will use, such as Rookie, Professional, Expert, or Masters.

Full tournaments occur about every 2 weeks:

There are separate tournament divisions for Rookie, Professional, Expert, and Masters, where entry fees and per-hole fees increase as the skill increases. Anyone can enter the Rookie division. Leagues are formed based on your chosen tournament rank and tier within that rank. That is, you are placed in a league bracket with others of similar experience - there are three tiers for each tournament division.

Tournament skill tiers are defined here: Skill Tiers explained and Why Have I Moved up a Skill Tier? .

The 9-hole tournaments have two days of a Qualifying round and a one-day Final round. All rounds are 9 holes. The 9-hole tournament prizes are less than a full tournament.

Within each Rookie, Pro, or Expert level, there are three tiers, denoted by 1-, 2-, or 3-stars. Your tier appears when you play practice or a tournament. It also appears on your tournament banners. The least competitive is 1 star and the most competitive is 3 stars. Your cumulative results over the last 20 tournaments determine your tier rank. The higher you place, the more likely it is that your tier will increase. Prizes are higher for the tier 3 than tier 1.

In weekly tour play, try to get promoted as quickly as possible, such as from Rookie 3 to Pro 1, or Pro 2 to Pro 3. This does not influence your tournament placement, which uses the tier system.

For general information about doing well in tournaments, see this this guide by Golf Clash Tommy.

For helpful information about tournaments, see this page. For example, tap a tournament name twice to view the visual layout for each of the 9 holes (does not require a Reddit account). You can also use the links to view the text guides and videos about the tournament.

You should turn off chat during a tournament. Before your first shot, tap the chat button button in the lower-left and slide the chat option to off.

You can subscribe to golfers who provide Golf Clash tournament guides. For example, Golf Clash (GC) Tommy posts videos and text guides on YouTune for each tournament. Some clans provide links to Tournament guides on their group Facebook page or discord forum.

You can also view a fly-through, visual playthroughs, and other guides for a tournament. Within Golf Clash, you can view some guides by tapping the Social Media Hub social media button button in the lower-left. You can also open and search for the tournament name.

You might use the tournament Practice option to get familiar with tournament holes and also to make sure you are hitting mostly Perfect and Great shots.

Choose your golf balls carefully during a tournament. For Par 3 holes, you can often use lower-power balls with adequate side-spin and wind resistance. For Par 5 holes, use a Power 2-3 ball (or higher) if available. For certain holes, choose a ball with sidespin can minimize how much curl you need to apply to the shot. Many of us use premium or Power 2-3 golf balls for tournaments.

CheckPoint Challenge (CPC) Tips

A new mode of play was introduced in late 2022 called CheckPoint Challenge (CPC). Players both use the same group of random clubs during each match. This can include clubs of any level! You use CheckPoint tokens to play each match. It appears two times a season (month) for multiple days. It starts after the Opening Round of a full tournament completes.

Here is a link to Golf Clash Tommy's CheckPoint Challenge guide announcement:

Next Steps: Look at Guides/Videos

There are many Golf Clash videos on YouTube. Open and search for terms like "Golf Clash" or "Golf Clash clubs".

There are lots of comprehensive guides on Reddit - see Reddit post on guide-to-guides .

Here are some areas where Golf Clash is discussed:

Getting Help/Support

To submit a support request within the Golf Clash app:

  1. Tap the help help button button to the left of your profile to view the FAQ help within the app.
  2. To send a specific help request to support, tap the Contact Us link in the upper-right.
  3. Complete a description of the problem and send the request.

The following web URL has the in-app help text and can be viewed in any web browser:

You can also search for answers and discussion on Reddit at

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